The Career-Defining Moments of The 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Class

Editor’s Note: We would be remiss not to mention Warrior Award Recipient Rich Herring. Herring is not an on-screen character but has worked for World Wrestling Entertainment for over 50 years. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Risk Management. Congratulations to Mr. Herring on this achievement.

6. Molly Holly

Molly Holly vs. Victoria – WWF Women’s Championship vs. Hair Match: WWF Wrestlemania XX

This match occurred during a time where women’s wrestling was riskier and targeted for a mature audience. When they were given time to wrestle, the women of this era took advantage of every minute they were given. Molly Holly is one of those women who took what she was given and made it great. Whether it is pretending to be a superhero or being a stuck-up pure lady, she delivers. WWF Wrestlemania XX is a perfect example of how great Holly is to put her hair on the line to give women a spotlight and a Wrestlemania moment for years to come.

5. Ozzy Osbourne

Monday Night RAW – November 2, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne made two big appearances in the WWE. First, he and Captain Lou Albano accompanied The British Bulldogs in their match against the Dream Team, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Osbourne was a perfect fit for the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling boom in the 80s. His music became a huge part of wrestling when the Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk, used Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” as their entrance theme during their time in the AWA and Jim Crockett promotions. This song set the bar in having the famous “Road Warrior Pop” for themes to come. The November 2, 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw also shows Ozzy and his wife, Sharon, interacting with WWE superstars like The Big Show, Chris Jericho, and The Miz. It is a fun reminder of why WWE chose the Prince of Darkness as part of the 2021 Hall of Fame.

4. Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff vs. Steve Austin – Redneck Triathlon

Eric Bischoff is one of the reasons why professional wrestling was at its most significant. He brought a war right to Vince McMahon and challenged him to make wrestling even better. The moments he created lasted a lifetime and will never be forgotten. The Redneck Triathlon shows Bischoff’s comedic side and has become one of the most memorable WWE moments in his career.

3. The Great Khali

The Great Khali vs. John Cena – Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship: WWE One Night Stand 2007

First and foremost, The Great Khali was (and still is) an attraction to the world of wrestling. Just like Andre The Giant, people seeing The Great Khali are in awe of his size. In 2007 the seven-foot-tall giant took on John Cena in a hard-hitting falls count anywhere match that made the monster look like a credible threat for years to come. The former world heavyweight champion put India on the map for professional wrestling.

2. Kane

Kane vs. The Undertaker – WWE WrestleMania XIV

At Badd Blood 1997, the wrestling world saw one of the greatest debuts of all time. The drama and story to follow were like nothing the world had ever seen. Before Kane, Glenn Jacobs didn’t have the perfect career (wrestling in gimmicks ranging from dentist to fake Diesel.) He struggled, but when the late, great Paul Bearer brought Undertaker’s younger brother to the main stage, Jacobs was set as one of the business’s biggest monsters. The longevity and the evolution of the big red machine are why he belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. At Wrestlemania XIV, Kane may have lost, but no big man in their rookie year was able to look that great against the deadman.

1. Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena – WWE Championship Match: ECW One Night Stand 2006

Making a name outside of WWE and WCW in the ’90s was not easy, but The Whole F’n Show did just that. When he finally arrived in WWE, the question wasn’t if, but when will he become WWE Champion. After returning from injury, RVD became Mr. Money in The Bank at Wrestlemania, and it didn’t take long for him to challenge John Cena’s at the second ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view. Who could forget the crowd when the Champ arrived in Hammerstein Ballroom everyone in that arena was salivating to see Rob Van Dam finally capture the WWE Championship? The popularity of RVD was on another. Seeing him get the recognition he deserves at this year’s Hall of Fame is something everyone can get behind.

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