WWE 205 LIVE Review & Results (4/16/2021)

A new era is upon us in the Cruiserweight division, with Kushida defeating Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight championship this past Tuesday on NXT.

Jake Atlas vs. Ashanti “Thee” Adonis

This week’s 205 LIVE kicks off with NXT stand-out Jake Atlas taking on Ashanti “Thee” Adonis. Adonis showed a more aggressive side of himself when focused on the arm of Atlas for the majority of the match. But Atlas turned this match around with his lethal kicks that even up the match. With near fall after near fall, it was that colossal knee strike that helped Atlas set up the Cartwheel DDT for the win. Both men came out look tremendous and seemed ready to face the new cruiserweight champion. After the match, fans received a recap on the shocking results from the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match and a tease of Jordan Devlin coming back to the brand.


August Grey vs. Tony Nese

Next up, August Grey takes on former champion and 205 LIVE veteran Tony Nese. August Grey has been quite impressive as of late and seems to have found the retro look fans know and love. Grey was looking like a great underdog against Nese; who knows how it feels to win the gold. Nese has most of the match, pulling out all the big moves and focus on the ribs a majority of the match. Grey did not give up coming back like a pit bull and delivered an impressive springboard crossbody. The turning point occurred when Grey hit a superkick sending Nese outside of the ring. Grey did not want to take a count-out victory, and Aria Davari was not enough to distract him when he managed to get a win with a roll-up. August Grey getting a massive win on the main event of 205 Live is a great way to build him as a future challenger for Kushida.

Overall, the week’s episode 205 Live has two great babyfaces get the win, and with this momentum, they could take it to NXT and receive more significant opportunities. With Kushida becoming the brand’s champion, this will grow the brand into becoming a must-watch and the perfect side dish to watch along with NXT.

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