Report: Samoa Joe Potentially Making NXT Return

On April 15, 2021, a full cast of characters was released from the clutches of World Wrestling Entertainment. Among this list were some understandable names such as Tucker Knight or Chelsea Green. Others were unexpected but not surprising such as Mickie James. However, other names were jaw-dropping such as the former WWE Raw Announcer, Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe’s Release From WWE

When Joe was released from the company, the internet entered meltdown mode. The wrestling Twitterverse was abundant with people irate at the news. In fact, even some in-ring performers commented on the matter themselves.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle (a man who has wrestled Joe numerous times) would state on his podcast:

“Joe was a very intense individual, and I’m surprised they released him. Especially with Bobby Lashley right now, they need some guys to go up against Bobby, and I thought Samoa Joe would be a great person to represent that spot, but unfortunately, they did let him go and I’m not sure why.”

Even former WWE Raw Announcer Renee Young (Pacquette) would tweet in reaction to the news, stating:

“How do you drop the ball on SAMOA JOE?!?!? How?! Injuries aside, what a mistake.”

Wrestling fans and insiders seemed to agree with Pacquette’s statement. However, it appears as though Samoa Joe may get a second shake with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Report: Samoa Joe Potentially Making NXT Return

Recently, reports have sprung up across a multitude of wrestling media outlets stating that Samoa Joe has been seen at the WWE Performance Center within the past week. These rumors would be confirmed by Fightful Select‘s Sean Ross Sapp, who tweeted out:

“UPDATE: In an update on this story, officials in NXT have confirmed that Samoa Joe was briefly at the WWE Performance Center this week. We were not told why he was there. We did get confirmation there have been pitches within NXT to use Samoa Joe, however.”

The Samoan Submission Machine is no stranger to WWE NXT, as this was his original home upon his debut in the company. As a former two-time NXT Champion, Samoa Joe is a name that is heavily associated with the NXT brand. Samoa Joe’s last match took place on February 10, 2020, where he would team (in a losing effort) alongside Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders against The Authors of Pain, Murphy, and Rollins. With it being over a full year since his last in-ring contest, is there potential that Samoa Joe is returning to NXT? Will we see Joe step into a WWE ring again soon? Will we ever stop asking questions that we don’t have the answers to? Stay tuned to Powerbomb Post to find out what happens next, wrestling fans!

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