ICW Fight Club #175 Results (6/12/2021 – DCT vs. Davie)

This edition of Insane Championship Wrestling action emanated from The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland. This event was broadcasted on the WWE Network and Peacock.

For those who missed the show, here are your results:

  • Leyton Buzzard defeated Luke Kyro (8:23)
  • Emily Hayden defeated Anastasia (7:09)
  • Jason Reed (w/ Coach Trip) defeated Umar Mohammed (3:57)
  • Saqib Ali (w/ Chris Toal) defeated Alex Parker (7:23)
  • Grant McIvor (w/ Alexander Darwin MacAllan Kyle Khaos) defeated Dean Ford (7:42)
  • Levi defeated Jimmy Pierce (5:36)
  • Logan Smith defeated John Trettan (w/ Chris Toal) (5:01)
  • DCT defeated Ravie Davie (9:49)

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