Mike Chioda Announces He Will Be Working For Colon Family’s New Promotion

Recently, former WWE referee Mike Chioda made an appearance on AdFreeShow.com’s “Monday Mailbag” segment. In this episode, Chioda announced that he would be working for the Colon family’s new independent promotion in Puerto Rico.

Chioda announced that the promotion would be called “Latin American Wrestling Entertainment, Incorporated.” The following statement is from Chioda’s appearance on the show, stating:

“Coming up in Puerto Rico, I’m going to start working with the Colons over there, Epico & Primo Colon, and their father.  They are starting a new company called ‘Latin American Wrestling Entertainment Incorporated.’” 

When commenting on his role in the company, Chioda would state:

“I’m going to do some stuff with production and training the referees and stuff like that.  I’ll start getting back in the ring a little bit, hopefully once a month there in Puerto Rico for live TV.”

Mike Chioda would finish his announcement by stating:

“It’s going to be awesome, tapings and TV.  They have a really good thing going on there.  They have nice staging and a nice ring.  They have some interesting talent coming up in their company too as well.”

LAWEI was allegedly established back in March. Powerbomb Post cannot confirm what this will mean for WWC (a promotion also founded by the Colon family).

Chioda was released from WWE in April 2020 and most recently refereed a slew of matches for All Elite Wrestling. We wish Chioda all of the best, and we’re excited to see what the Colon’s have in store for the future of Puerto Rican wrestling.

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