Wretro Wrestling Wreview: WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 PPV

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premier edition of Wretro Wrestling Wreview (brought to you by Powerbomb Post). With WWE’s favorite hellacious PPV event taking place this month, we thought it would be fun to visit last year’s take on the event. This event would emanate live from the WWE ThunderDome (aka Amway Center) in Orlando, Florida on October 25, 2020. Broadcasted on the WWE Network, commentary would be provided by Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Michael Cole, Samoa Joe, and Tom Phillips. With a six-match card (half of which being Hell in a Cell matches), it’s time to dive into the 2020 WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.

Opening Package & Introduction

This show would start off hot with a great video package. The package would highlight the main feuds heading into tonight’s event. We see that WWE Hell In A Cell is presented by Skittles (taste the rainbow) and we move on to our opening contest.

wwe hell in a cell
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“I Quit” Hell In A Cell Match for the WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c.) vs. Jey Uso

We start off tonight with Roman Reigns defending his WWE Universal Championship against Jey Uso. This is Uso’s second time challenging for the WWE Universal Championship, coming after Reigns defeated the former tag team champion at Clash of Champions earlier that year.

Jey Uso would make his entrance first, adorned in all-white pants, armbands, and a lei. Uso is stoked for this match, as am I. Say what you want about Jey Uso, but his energy is infectious. Roman Reigns would make a stoic and confident entrance. Before he entered the ring, Roman would look up to the heavens and apologized to something for what he is about to do.

The bell rings, and we begin the first “I Quit” match in five years in WWE. Jey and Roman circle each other, Roman claims he “only changed because he had to.” The two start exchanging blows. Uso hits some big strikes, but Reigns dropped Uso with a spear to stop him in his tracks. Afterward, Roman would begin to jaw jack with his cousin.

Roman would head outside the cell to grab a steel chair, but Uso would battle back with a dropkick to Reigns on the outside. After, Roman would drop Uso with the second spear of the match. Roman says “I don’t want to have to do this. You’re making me the bad guy!” Uso will not quit! Roman would attempt a third spear, but Uso would block it and follow up with a superkick. Uso would land a Uso Splash on the WWE Universal Champion, but Reigns will not quit. Jey would attempt a second one, but Reigns still doesn’t quit. In fact, he would utter the words “The head of the table never quits”.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020

Afterward, Uso would head to the outside to grab a strap. He would proceed to whip the champion, but Reigns would use the pain to fire up and spear Jey Uso. Reigns would begin whipping Uso with the strap. After this, Jey would use the strap to choke out the champion, but Reigns still wouldn’t quit. Throughout this, I noticed that Roman and Jey both swear a lot throughout this entire match. I absolutely love it! It draws so much more drama out of the entire ordeal.

With this match being a Hell In A Cell match and an “I Quit” match, the referee is super involved in this one. At one point, Reigns has beaten Uso so badly, that the referee attempts to toss the match out. Instead, Roman Reigns tosses the referee out of the ring. The outside official makes his way inside the cage, but Roman chases him out of the ring. This leads to Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble, and a multitude of other WWE officials making their way down to ringside to stop this onslaught.

Roman eventually makes his way outside of the ring and closes the door to the cage. In a really funny moment, Roman attempts to toss the ring steps into the ring but he misses. The ring steps bounce off the ropes and land on the ground – that was hilarious.

Photo © / WWE

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020

After finally managing to get the steps in the ring, Roman places the steps on a prone Jey Uso and begins to monologue about wanting to be considered The Head of The Table. Reigns lifts the steps up, and just as he is about to smash him with them, Jimmy Uso makes an appearance and covers his brother.

Jimmy starts pleading with Roman to stop this. He tells Roman that they could “fix whatever [Roman] is going through.” Roman begins crying, plops down on the canvas, and puts his head in his hands. Jimmy continues to plead, stating: “This is Jon and Josh right here! It’s family. I love you, Uce!” Roman and Jimmy would embrace, and all would be well in the world… until Roman locks in the guillotine choke on Jimmy Uso. Jey would wake up and see his brother being attacked, and finally says “I Quit” to save his brother.

This match was masterfully done. The drama and the intensity between Reigns and The Usos was unmatched in this one. Roman Reigns would then be crowned the official Head Of The Table by The Wild Samoans at the top of the stage. Absolutely incredible! I love this match.

Match Result: Roman Reigns (c.) defeated Jey Uso via KO in 29:06.
Walker’s Star Rating: 4.75 Star Match

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