ROH Week By Week Results & Ratings (6/15/2021 – SOTF Tournament Qualifier)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ROH Week By Week results and ratings! This week’s episode of ROH Week By Week emanates taped from the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This show aired on ROH’s YouTube channel on June 15, 2021. Let’s get into this week’s match on ROH Week By Week.

Survival Of The Fittest Tournament Match: O’Shay Edwards vs. Chris Dickinson

We start off this match with the code of honor being adhered to by both men. Dickinson starts off attempting to sweep Edwards off his feet, but Edwards manages to keep up with the skilled grappler.

Early in the match, Chris Dickinson injures the knee of O’Shay Edwards. This would have a great impact on the match. These two men go back and forth with strikes and submission maneuvers galore.

In the finish of the match, Dickinson trips Edwards and Edwards goes down hard on the knee. Dickinson locks in a single-leg Boston crab, later transitioning into an STF for the submission victory.

This match was decent. I definitely wish it could have gone longer. This is my first time witnessing an O’Shay Edwards match, so maybe I just need time to warm up to the big man. Overall, this match was solid! Chris Dickinson progresses to the finals of the Survival of the Fittest Tournament!

Match Results: Chris Dickinson defeated O’Shay Edwards via Submission in 8:08.
Walker’s Star Rating: 1.25 Star Match

Next week, we will see Rhett Titus take on Danhausen in their Survival Of The Fittest Tournament qualifier.

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