WWE NXT Results, Ratings, & Review (6/15/2021)

Last night, WWE presented its most recent edition of NXT. This show emanated live from the Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE Performance Center) in Orlando, Florida. This show was commentated by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Pheonix, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, and resident WWE analyst Vic Joseph. In keeping with our theme of reviewing wrestling shows match by match, it’s time to get into our review and analysis of this NXT television event. Let’s dive into this one!

Restoring Order In NXT

To start off the show, NXT General Manager William Regal makes his way down to ringside. Regal is emotional, and the crowd seems to know what’s coming. GM Regal recaps his beginning with NXT. He discusses his time commentating for the brand, transitioning into the General Manager position, and running the brand for the past seven years. However, Regal admits that his time is finally up. As he’s about to announce that he’s stepping down, the music blares of the NXT Champion, Karrion Kross. Kross comes out and says he “always knew this day would come.” Kross flashes back to two weeks ago when he told Regal that he didn’t have what it takes anymore to keep order in the NXT locker room. Kross begins yelling at the NXT General Manager, urging him to say the words “Kross was right.” Regal would never get to confirm whether Kross was correct or not, as he would be interrupted by the familiar sound of trumpets.

Samoa Joe would make his way down to ringside, with his first words being: “You wanted to see me, Mr. Regal?” Samoa Joe officially makes his return to NXT after being released from WWE following WrestleMania 37 this year. Regal asks Joe to become the new general manager, but Samoa Joe says “absolutely not.” Joe says he wouldn’t be able to control himself in the position. However, Joe promises he could make sure Regal gets the respect of “everybody” in the locker room.

Regal is interested in this idea but confirms that, if this were to be the case, Joe could not be an active in-ring competitor. Joe would also not be able to lay a hand on anyone… unless provoked. The crowd pops huge for that. Joe accepts the offer, and asks one question to Kross – “What are you still doing in this ring?” Kross leaves, and Samoa Joe is officially back on the NXT roster. This was such a great way to start off tonight’s episode of NXT.

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