WWE SmackDown Results, Ratings, & Review (6/18/2021 – Mysterio vs. Reigns)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the WWE SmackDown Results, Ratings, and Review for June 18, 2021. This show emanated live from the WWE ThunderDome (Yuengling Center) in Orlando, Florida. Commentated by Michael Cole and Pat McAfee, this show aired on June 18, 2021. Let’s look into this episode from WWE SmackDown.

Rey Mysterio starts off the show with an impassioned promo, calling out Reigns to compete in the Hell In A Cell match. Reigns comes out and tells Mysterio that he is going to have to wait till later tonight for the match. Reigns promises that the damage done tonight will “not be PG.” Roman walks backstage with Heyman, and the segment is over.

Kevin Owens and Big E vs. Apollo Crews (c.) and Commander Azeez

In our first match of the evening, we set up for a tag team contest with Kevin Owens and Big E taking on Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez. Owens puts Big E over in a promo, claiming he wouldn’t want “any other man to tag with.” Big E does not put Owens over, but claims “the wounds are still fresh.” That was funny. All four men make their entrances but are followed swiftly by Sami Zayn. Zayn makes his way down to ringside, joining Michael Cole and Pat McAfee on commentary.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Big E and Apollo Crews start off in the ring. Big E lands a belly-to-belly suplex on Crews to start off the contest. We get frequent tags between Owens and Big E. Eventually, Crews manages to tag in the debuting Commander Azeez, who immediately goes on a tirade. Azeez dominates the majority of this match.

Eventually, Apollo Crews attempts a suplex on the apron to Big E, but Big E lifts Crews up and drops him on his front. That was absolutely nasty! Azeez tags in (without using the tag rope), later hitting the Nigerian Nail on Kevin Owens for the pinfall victory. This match was very basic, but I’m happy to see Commander Azeez getting some in-ring time.

Match Result: Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews (c.) defeated Kevin Owens and Big E
Walker’s Star Ratings 1.25 Star Match

Azeez attacks Owens in the middle of the ring post-match. Big E is nowhere to be seen. Sami Zayn is backstage enthralled in what just went down. Later, Owens makes his way down into Adam Pearce’s office to ask for a match with Sami Zayn. Pearce would gives Owens his match against Zayn at Hell In A Cell this weekend. That is always a good match!

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