AEW Dynamite Results, Ratings, & Review (6/18/2021 – Hager vs. Wardlow)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the AEW Dynamite Results, Ratings, and Review! This show was taped on June 6, 2021, and aired on tape on June 18, 2021. This show was taped in Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Without further ado, let’s get into this stellar card for AEW Dynamite! If you want to check out the preview for this event, you can do so here.

MMA Cage Match: Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

We start off this professional wrestling event with a worked shoot fight. “The Cage Match Specialist” Wardlow makes his entrance – with Shawn Spears alongside him. We are getting set for our long-awaited battle between The Inner Circle’s Jake Hager and The Pinnacle’s Wardlow. Commentary announces that this is a sanctioned AEW match, meaning it will count toward official AEW rankings. We cut down to ringside with an official introduction from Justin Roberts and referee Aubrey Edwards. Let’s get into this one.

The bell rings, and this match is underway. This contest is scheduled for three 5 minute rounds. Hager and Wardlow start off with some attempted jabs, but none of them land. Hager tries to grapple with Wardlow, but neither men get much out of it. There’s a lot of hot-dogging and grandstanding in the opening few minutes of this bout. Hager attempts to go low and Wardlow basically powerbombs him. Hager gets a full mount on Wardlow, but immediately gets back up. Schiavone questions why Hager would get off Wardlow, but no one can answer why. Wardlow hits Hager with an intense superman punch, and the pair hug until the first round ends.

In the second round, Wardlow immediately starts with a running high knee – which he whiffs. Wardlow and Hager trade attempted armbars, but neither man can really lock it in. Hager locks in the ankle lock, but Wardlow fights out of it and lands a powerbomb into the cage. Wardlow manages to land a hurricanrana in an MMA cage fight. Absolutely beautiful stuff! Hager locks in his triangle chokehold, but Wardlow manages to fight out of it. In the finish, Hager locks the triangle chokehold on Wardlow again for a second time. Wardlow flips off Jericho as he fades, and Edwards calls for the bell.

Match Result: Jake Hager defeated Wardlow via Referee’s Decision in 10:00
Walker’s Star Rating: 2 Star Match

After the match, Hager and Wardlow are about to shake hands. However, before that can happen, Shawn Spears runs in and attacks Hager from behind. This leads to Jericho making his way into the cage to come to Hager’s aid. Spears and Wardlow beat down Jericho. MJF runs out to join the fray. Dean Malenko shows up, and MJF strikes him. Sammy Guevara runs down to ringside to attack The Pinnacle. This match was different then what we usually see in AEW. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. This rating is based on the pure spectacle of what went down. I was thoroughly entertained.

Taz is seen backstage with Team Taz. Powerhouse Hobbs is upset with the rest of Team Taz for not being there to support him in his match with Hangman Page and Preston “10” Vance. Taz throws out the challenge for next week’s AEW Dynamite – Hangman Page vs. Powerhouse Hobbs.

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