WWE 205 Live Results, Ratings, & Review (6/18/2021 – Jiro vs. Nese)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the WWE 205 Live Quick Results. This show emanated on tape from the Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE Performance Center) in Orlando, Florida. It aired on Hulu, WWE Network, and Peacock – featuring commentary from Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness. Let’s get into this show!

WWE 205 Live:
Asher Hale 
vs. Grayson Waller

In our first contest, we have two new(ish) members of the WWE 205 Live roster – Asher Hale makes his way down to ringside, then followed by Grayson Waller. Last week, Waller made his in-ring debut in a victory over Sunil Singh. On that same episode of Hale would take the fall in tag team action. Let’s see what happens here.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Asher Hale and Grayson Waller start off with a bunch of chain wrestling. Eventually, Hale just sits down in the middle of the ring to taunt Waller – which Waller doesn’t take too kindly to. Waller and Hale take it to the outside, but that adventure is short-lived. I’m still trying to understand Waller’s gimmick. Is he a sports enthusiast? Aren’t all wrestlers?

In the finish, Waller dives from the outside of the ring to the inside and drops Hale with a stunner and curb stomp combination. That was awesome. I want to see these guys go 20 minutes! Give these guys more time. This match was very good, but suffered from a lack of time.

Match Result: Grayson Waller defeated Asher Hale via Pinfall
Walker’s Star Rating: 2.5 Star Match

August Grey cuts a promo backstage about how his feud with Ariya Daivari is over. Astoundingly, Ariya Daivari approaches Grey backstage and says that this feud is far from over.

WWE 205 Live:
Ikemen Jiro vs. Tony Nese

Next up, we have Tony Nese making his way to ringside. The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion is ready for this contest! Ikemen Jiro comes out with Doki Doki Literature Club music (if you get that reference, I love you). Let’s see how this goes down.

Jiro and Nese lock up, but Jiro is still wearing the jacket. This is my first experience watching an Ikemen Jiro match, so I’m a little confused as to why you would willingly wrestle in a blazer. I can barely stretch my arms out without threatening to rip a blazer. Jiro gets a bunch of offense in on Nese and keeps opening the jacket. Please, lose the jacket.

Nese and Jiro take it to the outside. Nese grabs his ring jacket on the outside and puts it on. Now both men have jackets on. This is the worst match in professional wrestling. Why do I hate the jacket gimmick? I don’t know, but it isn’t resonating with me. Nese and Jiro are just wearing each other down here. This is a super evenly matched contest. Jiro pulls Nese’s hoodie over his head and blinds the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

It’s at this point in the match that I notice Jiro is grabbing his jacket to strike Nese. Does this jacket have metal plates in it? Jiro eventually lands a Swanton Bomb on Nese, but only for a near-fall. We get a very cool sequence that ends with Nese landing an intense kick on the Japanese performer. In the finish of the match, Jiro drops Nese with a brutal shining wizard for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Ikemen Jiro defeated Tony Nese via Pinfall
Walker’s Star Rating: 2.75 Star Match

Overall Grade

Overall, this show was an easy watch. They’re progressing this tag team feud between The OGz and Jiro/Grey. Will we be seeing them introduce the long-awaited WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships to the purple brand? Probably not, but that would be pretty interesting. Both matches were very good, but I’m still trying to fully understand Waller and Jiro’s gimmicks. In the negative, it’s another week without seeing the main champion on the brand making an appearance. I wish they would use the time they spend recapping Raw to give Kushida a match. Either way, this was a solid show.

Grade: B-
Sleeper Hit Of The Show: Grayson Waller vs. Asher Hale
Low Of The Show: August Grey’s Promo
Match Of The Night: Ikemen Jiro vs. Tony Nese

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