On This Day: June 25, 1995 – Bret Hart Faces Jerry Lawler In “Kiss My Foot” Match

On This Day, June 25, 1995, Bret Hart faced off against Jerry Lawler in the infamous “Kiss My Foot” match at King Of The Ring 1996. In honor of this interesting match stipulation, it’s time to recap the build and the match-up between The Excellence of Execution and The King.

This match was not built solely by a random promo on Raw to set up the bout. Instead, Lawler and Hart had been embroiled in a multi-year feud dating back to 1993. After winning the 1993 King of the Ring tournament, Bret Hart would find himself on the receiving end of a brutal attack from another man who had been calling himself king for years prior – Jerry “The King” Lawler. This attack would lead to a three-year start-and-stop feud.

kiss my foot match

Interestingly enough, while Hart and Lawler had been feuding in the WWF, they were also feuding in Lawler’s USWA promotion in Memphis. The two would trade words and victories over the course of the next few months. At SummerSlam 1993, Lawler was scheduled to face off against Hart, but Lawler would claim to have suffered an injury – being replaced by Doink The Clown in the process. Hart would originally win the match via submission, but would not let go of the hold after the match ended. Thus, the referee reversed the decision; this would give Lawler the platform to proclaim himself as WWF’s real “king”.

Lawler and Hart’s feud was planned to continue into Survivor Series 1994, but Lawler would be forced to take a leave of absence after allegations were made about him in regard to child exploitation. When Lawler returned to the company in 1994, his feud with Hart would be placed on hiatus. However, this wouldn’t be the end of Lawler and Hart’s quarrels.

In early 1995, WWE Hall of Famer William Shatner would make an appearance on Raw alongside The Excellence of Execution. Shatner and Hart would outclass the Memphis legend on an episode of King’s Court. Lawler and Hart would once again trade wins back and forth via countout and disqualification. This would lead us to today’s contest between the pairing at King of the Ring 1995. Let’s get into it.

Pre-Match Shecannery

Bret Hart cuts a promo before the match, stating that Lawler has been a constant thorn in his side. Hart understands that he has to watch out for the tricks Lawler has stored up his sleeve. Bret promises that he will tear Lawler apart.

We cut down to ringside where Lawler is making his entrance. He tells an interviewer at ringside that she smells bad, and that Hart will kiss his foot. He walks into the ring, grabs the microphone, and says he is going to make everyone in the arena kiss his feet. Yuck!

Hart makes his way down to ringside with much fanfare. He hands his glasses to a child in the crowd, and this match is underway.

Kiss My Foot Match:
Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart

The bell rings and the match is underway. Lawler and Hart tie up in the corner, and Hart sends the match outside. The commentary team doesn’t believe that Lawler could credibly beat Hart, but that Hart may accidentally get himself disqualified. Lawler tosses Hart into the steps, and Lawler dives back into the ring to try and amount a count-out victory. We get burger king chants from the crowd.

In the most impactful maneuver of the match, Jerry Lawler would drop Bret Hart with his patented piledriver in the middle of the ring. Lawler would gain confidence, and drop Hart with a second piledriver. Lawler hotdogs and grandstands in the ring. A third

piledriver leads to a near-fall. You’re telling me three piledrivers couldn’t put this match away? Somebody stop these spot monkeys!

Lawler would begin to panic after Hart mounts a small comeback. Out of frustration, Lawler would rip off his boot to expose a disgusting, tainted sock. He’d strike Hart with the boot when referee Earl Hebner’s back was turned. Now with the boot off, Lawler would attempt to torture Hart with the stench of his foot in Hart’s face.

Suddenly, Hakushi would make his way down to ringside and attempt to strike Hart. Instead, Hakushi would strike Lawler on accident. In the finish of the match, Hart would lock in the sharpshooter causing Jerry Lawler to tap. After the match, Hart would maintain the hold on Lawler, but would eventually let the move go.

After the match, Hart would attempt to make Lawler kiss his foot, but Hakushi would thwart Hart’s plans. However, Hakushi’s plan thwarting would backfire. Eventually, Hart shoves hit foot into the mouth of The King – and the segment ends. Overall, this match was okay and had a lot of heat going into it. Fun watch!

Match Result: Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler via Submission in 9:20.
Walker’s Star Rating: 2 Star Match

The Fallout

After Hart stuck his foot in Lawler’s mouth, Lawler would hire the personal services of Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS to fix his problematic mouth. This would lead to an eventual match between Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem at SummerSlam 1995, which Hart would win via disqualification. To conclude the feud, Bret Hart would compete against Yankem in a steel cage match, which Hart would win to officially end the feud.

This match may not have burnt the house down, but it did go down On This Day in 1995.

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