15-Year-Old Independent Wrestler MIA FRIDAY Talks Training, Dream Matches, Obstacles, & Her Bright Future

Friday could not come earlier. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to join independent professional wrestler Mia Friday to discuss her training, personal life, and wrestling journey. At only 15 years old, Mia has dominated the Texas wrestling scene for the past year – taking on some of the biggest names in the process. Check out my interview with Mia Friday below.

Starting off, where did your interest in wrestling come from?

I would just have to say, my dad, growing up around it, is always being on the TV. It just kind of grown on me. I just found that passion.

Did you start watching WWE, or was it another promotion like Impact or Ring of Honor?

I started with WWE around 2013, the Purple John Cena era, that’s where I started and fell in love with it.

That’s awesome! Who inspired you to start training?

I have always known since I was ten [that] I wanted to be a professional wrestler and It just came up whenever I found out that there’s wrestling in town close to where I live. It just kind of flowed naturally, it just made sense I wanted to start at this time.

Was it hard for your parents to let you begin training or were they full-on supportive?

It was the exact opposite of what I expected, I think it was because they have always known that I wanted to be a wrestler that when they found out there was a school in a town, they did not even ask first, they just signed me up. They just knew this was my dream.

Have you had any setbacks in the wrestling industry due to your age?

The biggest setback is definitely balancing school and wrestling because currently, I am in a college credit high school where I graduate with my associate’s degree, then I train 3-4 days a week, then I am trying to do this rock band thing. It is a lot to juggle to have a normal teenage girl life. And put in the full time you need in the ring. As long as you just manage your time wisely and have a nice plan set out, you can manage it all.

Can you talk a little bit about your training?

Right now I am training at the Lion’s Den with Houston Carson. He’s really good at telling a story and wrestling psychology. It’s a nice traditional style of wrestling! You have the characters and the story being told. Everything is nice down there, it’s run smoothly.

At the end of the day, what do you want to be known for as far as your character?

I don’t know, I take a lot of inspiration from Bayley and Kylie Rae. I just want to be known for the story I am telling more than anything – not specifically for the crazy moves or “she can do this move”. I just want to be known for how I inspire someone and the emotion I put in my match.

Why did you want to get started at such a young age?

I think it’s because the opportunity was presented right there. It just made sense to me. I never thought for a second like “I am too young to do this” or “I can’t do this.” I always thought it was my dream, and I had to go after it.

Let’s talk dreams. What are your dream matches for yourself in the future?

There are too many! My biggest dream match is me versus Sasha Banks at WrestleMania. There’s a gigantic pool of great women wrestlers that I want to face. I just really want to get out there and work with everyone because everyone has a different style. You could learn something different from each person you could work with.

Are there any wrestlers on the Texas independent scene you would want to face?

Definitely Thunder Rosa! I got to meet her when I went to train at Dog Pound and she is such an inspiration. She works so hard! I would love to work with her. She and all the girls at Mission Pro are doing cool things. I would definitely love to work there and get out with all of them.

Has Rosa given you any advice or helped you on your wrestling journey?

Yeah, when I went to go train with her she gave me a lot of good advice. I still use it right now. There were a good – like – 30 / 35 people when I went to go train that day and it was nice to still have those interactions and get that advice from her.

Have you faced any setbacks, especially being a young woman minority in the industry?

It’s complicated. It’s like a system, you know? A lot of these companies don’t mean to be sexist but that’s the way it is because it’s a male-dominated sport, and that’s the way it plays out. I think so far, I have not gone through what the women before me have had to go through. That’s something I am really grateful for… to have those women who have broken down those doors for me. Now? Now I can walk through them. 

What’s one match that you are most proud of?

My favorite match so far hasn’t been uploaded yet but should be uploaded on to the TitleMatch Youtube Channel. It’s me vs  Killa Kate at Atlas Wrestling Pro. That’s my favorite match because it all just worked out. The emotion, so much put into it. It was just a very special night for me and y’all just have to go watch it when it comes out.

Are there people who doubt you due to your age, and how do you deal with that?

There are too many especially in the town I live in right now, there are so many country old men. It’s a lot to go into, really I just prove it all in the ring. There is no need for me to start drama or get mad because when I get in the ring, it’s a whole different story. 

If there is a young girl out there who is looking to get into professional wrestling, what would you say to her?

I would say if it’s really your dream and it’s what you want to do, there’s nothing that should hold you back. I wouldn’t let age, gender, or race define what you are capable of because we are all special, and if we all have a dream we all deserve to follow it. 

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