Hot Girl Summer: Women’s Wrestling in Summer 2021

For professional wrestling fans, Summer is always one of the most exciting times of the year. This summer, the temperature is not the only thing that will be heated. Women’s wrestling is heating up to be unforgettable this season. From SummerSlam to the highly-anticipated ROH Women’s Tournament – could this be the summer for women’s wrestling? 

Riding Momentum

The biggest party of the summer returns this August with a live audience in the newly-established Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. This upcoming event has the potential to draw in big numbers and gain many new faces. With that being said, WWE has the opportunity to put the spotlight on their women this Summer. This past weekend, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair won an ESPY Award for “Best WWE Moment of the Year” for their historic main event at WrestleMania 37. Bianca and Sasha were not only representing WWE at the ESPY’s, but women’s wrestling as a whole. With their momentum from their win, the two superstars will definitely bring in new faces with their athleticism to show that women’s wrestling is something really special. Though the two ESPY winners are rumored to renew their rivalry in Sin City, fans will have to keep on tuning in to see.

Shaking up the Roster

On top of that, WWE has recently shaken up their women’s division with the debuts of Zelina Vega, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart – as well as the anticipated debut of Toni Storm. Having fresh faces in the division can create new stories, new rivalries, and even produce some of the best work we have seen.

The WWE SmackDown women’s division is filled with stardom all around. Fans are also patiently waiting for the return of Becky Lynch. The Man certainly brought in more eyes to the WWE women’s division when reigning as champion on Raw and SmackDown. Thus, it will be interesting to see what The Man has in store for the WWE Universe upon her return.

The WWE RAW women’s division has also recently showcased almost all of their women superstars on the weekly show. It will be interesting to see which direction the women take after the Money in The Bank. With new opponents for the prestigious WWE RAW Women’s Championship, which superstars are going after the gold at SummerSlam? If the women are given the opportunity, they can shine at “the biggest party of the Summer”, and WWE has the chance to prove their women’s division is stronger than ever. 

Crowning a Champion… Again

The anticipated tournament to crown a new ROH Women Champion has been perfectly led by legend Maria Kanellis. The brackets for the tournament were revealed this past Sunday at the ROH Best In The World PPV by Kannelis and Lenny Leonard. The tournament has been giving fans a mixture of upcoming women the opportunity to make a name for themselves. The feature of legends such as Angelina Love proving they still have what it takes to be champion is surely enticing.

The surprise debut of recently released WWE star Chelsea Green is keeping many fans on the edge of there seats. Though the Hot Mess was deemed unfit to compete in the tournament, she would instead  announce that she would be ringside throughout the whole tournament studying her future opponents. Although sidelined from injury, Green declared, when medically clear, she will challenge the for ROH Women’s Championship; as she is on a mission to prove all her critic’s wrong.

The tournament has everything it needs to get fans talking about the ROH women’s division this summer. Kanellis has pulled all the strings in the tournament and with commentary to make the tournament a success. The First Lady is on a mission to prove ROH has the best women’s division and has been in a successful run. It is exciting to see a new alternative for women’s wrestling; Ring of Honor has done a great job promoting their women division.

It’s Time To Empowerrr

This past summer, wrestling legend Mickie James announced an all-women’s PPV, NWA Empowerrr, set for August 29, 2021. Given the title, the NWA has the opportunity to empower their women division and launch it to the moon. Though no matches have been announced, James did state the world of professional wrestling is in for a wild ride. With James out to prove women’s wrestling can draw in the business, bringing this fiery passion for the PPV to be one of the best we have seen in recent years. James announced she would be the executive producer for the PPV. Having a woman with almost twenty years of experience – witnessing all the highs and lows – having all the knowledge to produce a historic event – it is so incredible to imagine what can come next for NWA’s women’s division.

With the uncertainty of what to expect, it was noted several wrestling legends will have a role in the event. This begs the question – which legends will show up for NWA Empowerrr?  

The women in professional wrestling are doing amazing things once again across all promotions. What makes all these events happening so special is that we can see the women’s passion for women’s wrestling through the work they are doing. This summer is heating up to be an unforgettable one for women’s wrestling, as the women prove they are a draw. 

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