Top 10 Big Men in WWE

Over the long storied history of the WWE, there have been many great wrestlers. However, none are rarer than a great “big man” wrestler. What is a big man? By my definition, a big man is a wrestler that is unusually tall, heavy, or both. Basically, a big man is someone that a large man would view as larger than themselves. In this article, I will break down who I believe to be the top 10 best big wrestlers in the history of the WWE. This is purely my opinion and based on my own criteria. These rankings will be based on accomplishments, popularity, longevity, importance, and cultural impact. 

#10 – Mark Henry

Starting off, we have “The Worlds Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Henry stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 360 pounds. He began his wrestling career in 1996 when he signed with the WWE after years of being a successful powerlifter. For the first few years of his career, he was a member of the Nation of Domination. He’d later go on to embody his “Sexual Chocolate” persona. His most notable storyline at that time was a love angle between the much older Mae Young and himself. He was given the WWE European Championship in 1999 by Jeff Jarrett after he helped Jarrett win it. In 2000, Henry was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to improve his skills. He returned to WWE television in 2002.

For the next few years, Mark would struggle with multiple injuries but returned again at the end of 2005. This began the rise of Mark Henry and his push toward the main event. Mark Henry had a casket match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 22 but he lost and the Undertaker improved his Wrestlemania win streak to 14-0. After his loss at Wrestlemania, Henry began a storyline of injuring random wrestlers. He soon himself was injured in 2006 and would not return until 2007. Once he returned, he had short feuds with Kane and also the Undertaker. He took a brief break, then came back but this time was part of the Extreme Championship Wrestling brand. He became the ECW champion by defeating Kane. His most successful time in the WWE came in 2011 when he won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Randy Orton.

Over the next few years of his career, Henry would be in some important matches but would never win another championship. In 2017, Henry retired and began a backstage production role, ending his 21 years as an active wrestler. Mark Henry was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018. In 2021, he made his debut for All Elite Wrestling, ending his 25 years with the WWE. Mark Henry earned a spot on this list because of his accomplishments and his longevity. 

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