Kaia McKennza | Pro Wrestling’s Good Witch

The Good Witch fly’s her way over to Powerbomb Post, as Kaia McKenna is featured for this week’s indie spotlight. Growing up In Maryland, The young witch idolized Dean Malenko, drawn to his abilities as a cruiserweight wrestler.

With a desire to get into the business, McKenna would send out applications to various wrestling schools around her area, though patiently waiting for the opportunity, she did not waste any time.

She would go out to local indie shows to gain experience by helping ring crew and set up for the show. She also helped Impact Wrestling’s ring crew when on the East Coast. McKenna had finally gotten her opportunity to train under The Black & Brave Wrestling Academy, led by multiple-time champions Seth Rollins and Marek Brave. Thus, The Conduit of Karma was born.

McKenna’s training was unlike others, Joining the Academy in January 2020, she was able to pick up on the sport quickly in three months. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus hit in the United States, putting a hold on the young witch’s training. However, McKenna found other ways to master her whole wrestling persona, by working on her gimmick and working out, it kept her grounded during quarantine. After a few months, she was able to train at Worldwide Dojo, furthering her mic skills and performance abilities.

With all the obstacles put in front of her, The Good Witch was finally able to have her first match in July 2020, in a defeated loss against Little Mean Kathleen. Continuing on rookie year, McKenna would complete various promotions such as Shimmer Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, and GCW. Unfortunately for the Good Witch, she suffered an arm injury this past week but that did not stop her from being a part of GCW this past weekend.

McKenna embraces her persona so much, as she is passionate about everything metaphysical. One of McKenna’s goal’s in her professional wrestling career involves bringing her divine feminine energy every time she steps in the ring.

You can follow Kaia on Twitter and Instagram: @KaiaMcK to see what the good witch brew is brewing up to. 

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