DG Open The New Year Gate 2022 – Final Burst Out! K-Ness Forever (1/22/2022) | Minoura & Yoshida vs. R.E.D

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling held an event on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at Kobe Sambo Hall in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. This event was shown live on Dragon Gate Network. Attendance was reported at 296. Here are the results from this show!

  • Don Fuji wrestled Masaaki Mochizuki to a Time Limit Draw (10:00)
  • Punch TominagaYasushi Kanda, & Yosuka Santa Maria defeated Mondai RyuStrong Machine J, & Syachihoko BOY (11:04)
  • Keisuke Okuda Ryu Fuda defeated Ishin Iihashi Riki Iihashi (10:24)
  • Natural Vibes (BIG BOSS ShimizuGenki Horiguchi, & Jacky Funky Kamei) defeated Jason LeeLa Estrella, & Ultimo Dragon (11:32)
  • Dragon Dia Yuki Yoshioka defeated Kagetora Takuma Fujiwara (12:27)
  • Elimination Tag Team Match: Kota Minoura Takashi Yoshida defeated R.E.D. (KAI Shun Skywalker) (18:28)

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