Michinoku Pro Wrestling Results (1/23/2022)

Michinoku Pro Wrestling held an event on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at the Michinoku Pro Dojo in Takizawa, Iwate, Japan. This event was not televised. Here are the results from this show!

  • Three-Way Match: Koji Kawamura defeated Nogyo Boy Raito and Taro Nohashi (12:20)
  • Yapper Man 2 defeated Ayumu Gunji (15:16)

With the show being over, your championship standings remain:

  • MPW Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship: MUSASHI (191 days)
  • MPW Tohoku Tag Team Championship: Jinsei Shinzaki The Great Sasuke (265 days)
  • UWA World Tag Team Championship: Taro Nohashi GAINA (113 days)

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