PROGRESS Chapter 127: And The Word Was Progress… Results | Noir vs. Ridgeway

PROGRESS Wrestling held an event on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at The Electric Ballroom in London, England. This event was not televised. Here are the results for this show!

  • Gene Munny defeated Kid Lykos (w/ Kid Lykos II) (10:43)
  • Dean Allmark defeated Tate Mayfairs (10:47)
  • Session Moth Martina defeated Taonga (9:03)
  • Anthony Ogogo defeated Hari Singh (6:07)
  • PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match: The Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling Nick Riley(c.) defeated Sunshine Machine (Chuck MamboTK Cooper) (20:28)
  • Charli Evans defeated Lana Austin (10:39)
  • Six-Way Match for the PROGRESS World Championship #1 Contendership: Warren Banks defeated Malik (w/ Kosta Konstantino), Dan MoloneyJody FleischMan Like DeReiss, and Roy Johnson (14:06)
  • Revelations of Divine Love Final Match: Rhio defeated Mercedes Blaze (12:28)
  • Best Three Out of Five Falls Match for the PROGRESS World Championship: Cara Noir (c.) defeated Chris Ridgeway [3:2] (29:19)

At the end of this event, your champions are:

  • PROGRESS World Championship: Cara Noir (736 days)
  • PROGRESS Women’s Championship: Gisele Shaw (163 days)
  • PROGRESS Tag Team Championship: Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling Nick Riley) (135 days)

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